• Wrought Iron Contractor

    Handrails And Custom Fabrication

    Handrail Contractor

    As your handrail contractor we can come out to your existing home that maybe deck or pool that needs to have safety railing around it! We will come out and take measurements, talk about possible handrail design options, with pricing! Sometimes people will hire welding contactor , that intially does a good job on the fabriction side of things but finishes with a terrible paint job! You can rest assured that our hand raill contractors take there time from the beginning of the job to the end!

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    Wrought Iron Contractor

    Wrought Iron fencing can be a quick but long lasting solution to your perimeter boundaries! We can install tall enough fencing to stop that nuisance Hill Country deer problem! We all love looking at them, but despise them when we find out they destroyed our favorite flower bed. So you see, even though we are listed as Marble Falls Metal Building Contracting....we service in more than just buldings. With Pre-built wrought iron fencing you can expect your wrought iron fence to go up quickly! Usually your slow down to the project would be hitting that good 'ole Texas Hill Country rock! After the holes are drilled the panels bolt together quickly to the post, making a very rapid work of the job! In conclusion, we recommend wrought iron fencing over your traditional wood fence. Let's face it folks, we are all looking for a better bang for your buck with quality and sustainabilty. If taken care of wrought iron can last up to 50-60 years! It just makes sense to choose wrought iron over wood and us as your contractor!