• Some of Our Recent Texas Hill Country 

    & the Highland Lakes!


    This Job was out near Bluffton. Tx on Lake Buchanan. This is a 30'x70'x14' on a 5/12 Pavilion. This is going to be the dance floor and band stage for a wedding venue out at Lake Buchanan Lodge.


    If you have an event you were looking for a hosting site, this is the place!

    Helping a customer out Near Hye, Tx , very nice people who had a previous contractor not erect building properly, had alot of retrofitting to do to pull this off! Thankfully we don't mind Metal Building Repairs , because its our heart and passion to see every steel building project go up correctly with a happy satisfied customer at the end of the job

    This Blufton Re-Sheet consisted of a 30' x101' single slope. The roof sheets that were replaced were only TWO YEARS old! Another example of someone being taken advantage of by a contractor that claims he knows what he's doing but it shows in the work! The contractor before us spliced 3 corrugated sheets to make one run of sheet. COMPLETLY unnecessary . We came back with ONE sheet per run that covered the entire roof with NO splice. The customer got a great price on these custom ordered corrugated sheets from Metal Mart east of Burnet ,TX

    This is the end result of a finished project done correctly with full length sheets with no splices. Contact us today for your metal roof needs.