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    Marble Falls Metal Building Contracting is your best Metal Building Contractor near me! Born and Raised in the Texas Hill Country, we show up and show out with everything we do! We specialize in Metal Buildings, Barndominiums, Commercial Metal Buildings, Farm and Ranch Buildings, existing building Add-ons, carports, and anything structural! However, our services aren't limited to the structural side of life. We also pride ourselves in our customized gated entrances, to meet your Hill Country swank! Leaving you will a smile and satisfaction as you pull up to your Hill Country ranchette. Lastly, for all our customers needing perimeter fence wrought iron, handrails around a deck or a safety fence for your Texas Size swimming pool we can be the company for all!

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    As your local Metal Building Contractor serving the beautiful Highland Lakes! We like to believe that if the you could put the Highland Lakes in a magazine, Marble Falls would be the centerfold piece. As the heart of the Highland Lakes , Marblefalls is the gateway to many attractions and adventures. Beginning with Lake Mable Falls you will find the public boat ramp in Johnson Park as a "launch pad" for a summer's days full of fun wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, fishing or just cooling off with the family!

    Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce also host one of the Southern Drag Boat Association scheduled races here on Lake Marble Falls. If almost 300 mph on water sounds like fun, then you need to make sure to put Lakefest in your schedule!


    With being the Gateway to the Highland Lakes, one can head in nearly any direction and find water with other attractions. Horsehoe Bay is a resident city as well, home to the Highland Lakes. Sitting on the South banks of the Colorado River and Lake Lyndon B. Johnson (Lake LBJ) , it is a must stop for summer vacationers. Make your stay at the World Renown Horseshoe Bay Resort, famous for celebrities and even politicians! From there you can practice your golf swing at Apple Rock Golf Course, ranked #20 out of 50 top golf courses in Texas By Dallas Morning News 2021. We dont have enough time to share all the fun you can have down in Horsehoe Bay, come see for yourself.


    Come, Let's hop on a boat and drive across the lake to nearby Kingsland , another beautiful Hill Country gem of the Highland Lakes. Quiet frankly through the years Kingsland has blossomed as yet another shining Lake community where people love to kick up there heels, wet a hook in the water and relax. Grab you a beverage and burger at Boat Town Burger Bar or swing over to Wakepoint down by the 1431 bridge to fill up that Mastercraft Wakeboat or Seadoo...then time to go cut some waves and kiss your stress goodbye!


    We hope that we have at least brought you some peace of mind as your metal building contractor, because this is our home and our heart. When you chose Marble Falls Metal Building Contracting, you won't be disappointed! You won't have to worry about unfinished work or work done not up to par! Whether you just need repair on something at your house or needing to scale a project, WE'RE the pick! We'll show up to the job and work, without leaving a mess! We do our best to communicate in a simple way so that both customers and contractors are on the same page. If you want that pergola done to finish that outdoor space that you've been putting off, don't hesitate any longer. Maybe its a new shop you've been wanting or that carport to finally get your vehicle in the shade , we'll help you out! As Barndominium popularity are constantly on the rise , feel at home with us as your Barndominium Contractor. Remember us also when your ready to entrance your Hill Country ranchette. Again, whatever your weld, build, project management needs might be give us a shout!